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Visibility in the brightest or darkest environments.


Solves the challenges of viewing displays in sunlight

You need a display that can be seen by everyone, everywhere. This is why E3 Displays use a combination of technologies such as well designed LED backlight rails, LED component selection, optical bonding, and film enhancements to reduce light reflections and maintain or increase contrast for higher efficiency. The results are a display that is viewable in all environments and will create versatility and reliability enabling you and your team to focus on what you do best, rather than the tools at hand.

AR/AG/AS Enhancements 

AR/AG/AS Enhancements 

E3 Displays can enhance your solution by adding filters with AR/AG/AS to combat reflected light and finger marks via coated glass material or film lamination to displays. Your reflective LCD display solution can also be optically bonded, which limits layer reflection with the addition of AR/AG/AS to glass/touch.


As the light reflects off the surface of your display screen, it is scattered at different angles, which reduces the clarity of the image. E3 Displays provides Anti-Glare solutions that ensure the consumer will not see the bright glare of any reflected light source.


E3 Displays delivers Anti-Reflection solutions that make sure the consumer will not see their own reflection. Instead, they will see a brighter and more vivid display.


AF/AS reduces the ability of the cover lens retaining oils from your finger. Thus providing you with a more crystal clear display without all of the fingerprints and smudge marks.

Feature Enhancement Solutions

Feature Enhancement Solutions

High-Bright Displays

To achieve the best viewing experience for your reflective LCD monitor in outdoor, high ambient light applications, high-brightness display solutions are a must. Where brightness enhancement, anti-reflective and anti-glare films passively improve a display visibility in these scenarios, active high brightness display enhancements result in best screen visibility.

LED Rails

E3 Displays can add high efficiency LED backlight rails to low luminance displays. This product line provides a simpler, less costly option of replacing lamps and power sources in an existing LCD panel.

Display backlighting can also be replaced to fit a power budget, typically a concern in mobile battery power applications. An E3 Displays backlight system can often maintain a level of brightness at a much lower power level than the factory backlight system.

Backlit Memory Display

E3 Displays can add front lights or backlights to reflective LCD displays to read in dark environments. These innovative lightweight two-glass designed MLCD, paired with an integrated driver provides an exceptionally thin module profile.  

NVIS Displays

These solutions have color TFT display models that feature Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compliant LED backlighting system, which allows excellent readability.

Our Experienced Team is Ready to Help

Our E3 team has expertise in every type of display technology, whether big or small. We will help you choose or design the display that best fits your needs, while always keeping quality and budget in mind. Here at E3 Displays, we specialize in custom displays use our product selection guide today to get started on your project today!

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Out of The Box Solutions

Out of The Box Solutions

E3 Displays creates out of the box TFT solutions as well as MLCDs or high brightness displays that use reflective technology or increased LED backlighting that produces a sharper image in direct sunlight. These types of reflective LCD displays are commonly found in wearable electronics, measurement tools and other outdoor applications. We work with you side by side to create your custom out of the box display solution that fits your unique goals and we can also work with you to add additional enhancements to maximize your display capabilities.

GPS/Wearable Devices

Smart Home Display

Reflective Polarizer

Transflective Polarizer

Reflective Polarizer

Reflective polarizers are the best option for direct sunlight displays but are not ideal for low light conditions. Since a reflective polarizer reflects back 100% of the light it takes in, the brighter the surrounding environment, the easier it will be to read the display. Because they are only reflecting light and not creating it, these polarizers are best suited for monochrome reflective displays. Reflective polarizers will increase display contrast and have the minimum amount of power consumption and heat creation.


The brighter the ambient light (the light that is available from the sun, office lights, etc.) the sharper the contrast and the easier it is to read.


A backlight will not illuminate the display since any light placed behind the polarizer will be blocked from passing through to the front piece of glass.

Note: It is possible to use a reflective polarizer with a side-lit LED Display, or edge-lit LED Display. A side-lit display positions the LEDs above the reflective polarizer. This is a popular option since it provides a sharp contrast with the added benefit of being thinner (in the Z axis) than a LCD with a backlight.

Transmissive Polarizer

Transmissive Polarizer

With a transmissive polarizer, the display backlight must be on for the display to be readable. This type of polarizer does not reflect any light and so therefore, is not ideal for sunlight readability. However, the advantage of a transmissive polarizer over a transflective polarizer is that the backlight is significantly brighter. This type of polarizer is ideal for consistent low light conditions.


The backlight behind a Transmissive polarizer will be brighter than the same backlight behind a Transflective polarizer, making the overall display brighter. It is also possible to reduce the LED driving current with a goal of extending the half-life of the backlight.


The display can not be read when the backlight is off. Also, in direct sunlight the image can seem a bit ‘washed’, but E3 Displays can add AR films to transmissive displays to limit the reflections outdoors.

Transflective Polarizer

Transflective polarizers are a hybrid of transmissive and reflective LCD displays. They use a combination of ambient light reflection and an internal backlight to create the display image. A display with a transflective polarizer can be used with or without the backlight being on and can also be used in low or high ambient light conditions. Combining a transflective polarizer with E3 Displays optical bonding and contrast enhancement film lamination will create a superior all light readable display with extended battery life and reliability.


A Transflective LCD polarizer allows the display to be read with or without the backlight on. If the Liquid Crystal Display is located in an area with good ambient light, the backlight can be turned off and the display is still readable. When the LCD is moved into poor ambient light, the backlight can be turned on and the display can still be read.

  • Note:
    Most battery powered products requiring a backlight integrate a Transflective polarizer
  • Another issue to take into account when selecting a polarizer is the half-life of its backlight.

A backlight placed behind a Transflective polarizer will allow some light to pass through, but the display will not be as bright as the same backlight placed behind a Transmissive polarizer. If you need your backlight to be brighter and your display to operate in both strong and poor ambient light, there are additional methods to increase the brightness of the LED. Contact our US based technical support for ideas.

Benefits of All Light Readability Displays

Benefits of All Light Readability Displays

Up to 2500 Nits

Displays that are not built for the right environment can cause strain in the viewers eyes. E3 Displays can help in choosing the correct display, like a 2500 nits display for the brightest viewing environments and lower nit displays for indoor viewing to create the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor view-ability.

Extended Sizing Ranges

No project is too big or too small. E3 Displays can enhance displays to be all light readable from >1.0″ to 100.0″, so you can fill the smallest and largest voids for your client.  

Full Definition Up to 4K Resolutions

Your display is an investment into the future of your business and should never be just satisfactory. E3 Displays enhancements are nothing short of high quality and improves the visual performance of your display so you stand out from your competition.  

Professional Commercial Grade Options

E3 displays will enhance the best display solution that can withstand the toughest requirements so you can focus on what you do best, providing high quality customer service.

Ultra Low Power Consumption 

We took the focus away from the technology and redirected it towards your goals. We focus on passive enhancements and limiting backlight power drainage. Your reflective LCD monitor will last longer and have continuous reliability when you need it most.

Up to 24/7 Usage

Never miss the eyes of potential customers. With an all light readable display, it can work around the clock attracting customers.

Types of All Light Readability Displays

Types of All Light Readability Displays

TFT Displays:

TFT stands for “Thin Film Transistor.” These transistors are used in high-quality flat panel liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). TFT-based displays have a transistor for each pixel on the screen. This allows the electrical current that illuminates the display to be turned on and off at a faster rate, which makes the display brighter and shows motion smoother. LCDs that use TFT technology are called “active-matrix” displays, which are higher-quality than older “passive-matrix” displays.

Sizes can range up to 86.0″. Each pixel in a TFT LCD is controlled by one to four transistors which offers greater control over the images and colors that it renders. TFT technology provides up to 4K resolutions, sharp contrast and wide viewing cone options.

E3 Displays specializes in enhancing displays of all technologies. We enable displays to out perform in their standard applications and increase their flexibility for use in ever changing conditions and environments.

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