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Display messages and presentations to customers and visitors.


Large Format TFT LCD Displays

E3 displays can enhance your large format displays up to 100.0”. Whether that is multiple large touchscreen displays such as a dynamic video wall that communicates your message to a larger audience, or an enhanced ambiance from one large display. E3 displays enhancements for large format displays  uphold a high level of performance and visual standards so your product can deliver the same great message at a larger scale. Choosing E3 displays to enhance your large touch screen display is the first step in expanding your reach and increasing your product’s quality.

  • Digital Presentation Displays
  • Interactive Displays
  • Signage Control Modules 

Superior Display Quality

Superior Display Quality

Your display is an investment into the future of your business and should never be just satisfactory. E3 produces nothing short of high quality, vivid, 4K Ultra HD displays that stand out from your competition. E3 large format displays can be seen by everyone, everywhere. They also have an uninterrupted, symmetrical, 170° × 170°, viewing angle in almost all weather conditions, at any time of the day or night providing a nearly unrestricted and versatile viewing experience.

High Impact Video Walls

High Impact Video Walls

E3 Displays can create dynamic tiled video walls. Video walls are created by syncing multiple display units to create a larger than life display that would otherwise be unachievable from one display unit. E3 video walls offer unlimited creativity and versatility for the modern space so you can deliver your message in a unique and captivating way. Just because you choose to go larger in size does not mean you have to scale back on quality either. We ensure that all of our video wall displays maintain the same rigorous standards and 4K Ultra HD viewing experience. E3 Displays will help create a display system in almost any size or shape that is easy to control, integrate, and install.

Heat Dissipation

Heat Dissipation

E3’s large format displays are designed without the need for internal fans that are noisy and create unnecessary bulk. Our displays maintain proper airflow and are designed with built in temperature sensors. When the sensors detect an increase in temperature, they are able to automatically adjust the display backlight. This eliminates the need for internal fans, extends the LED half life, and decreases the overall power consumption of the display. 

Our Experienced Team is Ready to Help

Our E3 team has expertise in every type of display technology, whether big or small. We will help you choose or design the display that best fits your needs, while always keeping quality and budget in mind. Here at E3 Displays, we specialize in custom displays use our product selection guide today to get started on your project today!

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Benefits of Large Format Displays

Benefits of Large Format Displays

Up to 24/7 Usage

Never miss the eyes of potential customers. Large format displays can work around the clock attracting customers.

Extended Wide Temperature Option 

Heat dissipation is the key to measuring the performance of large touch screen displays. The heat generated by the operation of the display is dissipated through optical material and is not blocked by insulating air layers. By filling the insulating air gap between the components, heat can be transferred to the outside environment.

All Light Readability

Displays that are not built for the right environment can cause you to miss viewers. E3 Displays can enhance large format displays with LED backlighting across the entire panel so your message stands out in any environment.

Option of Landscape or Portrait 

Adaptability to space is important in identifying a high quality display. E3 Displays can enhance large format displays in landscape or portrait orientation. 

Multi-Touch Capabilities 

Enabling your viewers to interact with your displays is the next step in showcasing your message and strengthening your impact. E3 Displays can enhance large format touch screen displays to have multi touch interactive capabilities to transition from a purely visual experience to an interactive dynamic user experience. 

Professional Commercial Grade Options

E3 Displays will enhance your display so that it can withstand the toughest requirements so you can focus on what you do best, providing high quality customer service. 

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