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Point of Sale, Vending Machines, Kiosk Systems

In a world where convenience is most valued, the modern consumer relies on a business’s service to make their experience nothing short of trouble-free. Having the right technology at your disposal can mean all the difference in turning potential customers into loyal customers. E3 Displays makes it a top priority in creating the right display that shifts the focus from your operations back into your business. We provide the displays that you need that are reliable, durable and can withstand the same long hours that your business does. A commercial display should be cost effective, while also providing optimum performance for your customers. A high quality commercial display is vital to capture audience attention and increase operational efficiency. Our elite team will supply you with high performance display solutions customized for your business and operational goals that can be easily integrated into an existing application or we can aid in the design of a completely new concept.



We create modules that have the ability to be installed into various Commercial systems including but not limited to…

  • Room Lighting Control Systems
  • Shower, Spa and Pool Equipment User Interfaces
  • Digital Beverage Dispenser Kiosk Systems 
  • Law Enforcement Body Cameras
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Conference Phone Systems

Features of Commercial Displays 

Features of Commercial Displays 

Display companies that specialize in one particular industry often don’t offer complete customization and provide limited enhancements. We offer all of our enhancements and displays in every industry that we operate in. E3 Displays provides the most durable innovative display solutions for your business and commercial needs. Our commercial displays are user friendly and help increase your operational efficiency.

Your display will be designed based on your goals while also maintaining industry standards. The following features are what makes E3 commercial displays unique.

High-Performance Solutions for all Commercial Environments

    • Display customization from the cell to module level 
    • Touch screens tailored to specific performance and cost targets 
    • Scheduling solutions
    • Optical bonding 
    • Optical enhancements (anti-glare, anti-reflection, etc.) 
    • High efficiency high bright displays 
    • Domestic and overseas manufacturing

Why Choose E3 Displays for your Commercial Needs 

Why Choose E3 Displays for your Commercial Needs 

For over 20 years of combined experience, E3 Displays team members have improved operational efficiency for businesses by designing and producing displays for the commercial industry. We are constantly working on the optimization for touch screens to be lighter, thinner and smarter solutions for you while exceeding rigorous usage demands. We will work with you in designing a display that will fit all of your needs and be able to operate 24/7. We also guarantee product availability for the life of your product.



The King of All Enhancements?

Optical bonding is the the process of attaching a glass/plastic/filter substrate or touch panel to an LCD module. Optically clear adhesive (OCA) is placed between the cover substrate and LCD to completely fill in air gap. The assembly is UV-cured, fixing the display and substrate together while solidifying the gel, creating an optically brilliant and ruggedized display solution.

Benefits covered :
  • Clarity & Viewability
  • Dust & Moisture Protected
  • Shock & Vibration Resistance
  • Sunlight Readability
Redefining Optical Bonding
Case Study: Commercial

Commercial Case Study


A manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment for quick serve/fast food restaurants required an LCD and touch panel user interface assembly for harsh environments. The LCD module needed to have best in class optical features under high ambient light conditions, the user interface needed to perform in an environment of humidity, temperature and users with gloves and other matter on their fingers.


Case Study: Commercial


A manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment for quick serve/fast food restaurants required an LCD and touch panel user interface assembly for harsh environments. The LCD module needed to…

AFP Coating


The first surface can make or break your touch display.  From water to scratches and of course fingerprints, the performance and appearance can be drastically improved with high-performance coatings.

Anti-reflection Anti-glare Anti-smudge IR rejection Optical filter film Privacy film Brightness enhancement film Viewing cone enhancement EMI filter Heaters Glass and film based solutions.

Advantages of Each Coating :
  • Advantages of Each Coating
  • Plastic v. Glass
  • Coatings Chart

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