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Our Story...

Tasha is the founder of the "Natasha Wyer" charity. After 15 years battling addiction, crime, domestic violence, prostitution and mental health problems; Jesus Christ met with Tasha on the same street where she would normally be hustling. She had such a tangible encounter with God's love, was set free from her addiction and has never been the same again! Tasha's heart and passion is to help other people break free from the bleak grip of addiction and the same destructive cycles she found herself in for many years... this is where the vision and heart for the "Natasha Wyer" charity was born. 

"Natasha Wyer" aims to help people overcome the battle of addiction and abuse so they learn to lead a fulfilling life and retrieve what has been stolen from them. Tasha inspires hope and confidence that the same God that set her free from the chains of her past, can do it for others too.

Tasha speaks in schools, colleges, churches, prisons and conferences in the UK, Europe and globally. ​Whether through her Book, One-to-One Coaching Sessions, Celebrate Recovery Sessions, or Speaking Engagements, her passion and desire is for your life to be transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ just as hers was! 

"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want"!


NATASHA WYER is a charity registered in England and Wales. Charity Reg No: 1187060